Here Are the Top 3 E-commerce Web Design Practices That Will Enhance Your Site Traffic

E-commerce Web Design Practices

Are you in this situation? For the last few months, your e-commerce web traffic is showing a downward trend. The number of the abandoned cart has doubled. Conversion rates are no longer a thing to smile about. Now, you are wondering what might be amiss with your site. You have invested in SEO optimization and all other approaches the experts cite as the pillars of web traffic but no new results.

But have you checked your e-commerce website design? Your online business website is no longer a place for showcasing your products or service only. Today, it is a shopping destination. As such, it must give the customers a great experience as they would in a substantial store.

In arriving at this objective, the design of your e-commerce site is vital. Here are some e-commerce web designs that will enhance your site traffic:

a)      Website Consistency

If you want to receive more visitors, consistency is a core pillar in your web designing process. It means having the right colors matching with your organization and brands. Whenever a visitor thinks about an item, you are offering the idea of your company should click on their minds. Also, the tone of your content should be consistent.

Importantly, make sure that nothing distracts your visitors’ attention while navigating your website. All in all, the entire content of your site ranging from images, themes, background colors to the writing tone should be consistent to attract high traffics.

b)      Navigability

Have you clicked on a website and tried to locate some information with no success? In simple terms, the site was hard for you to navigate. In your e-commerce website designing process, navigation is an essential aspect. You ensure that the visitors can get what they need without draining their last drop of sweat.  However, you should not include multiple navigation options as it can lead to confusion.  

c)      Ensure it is conventional

As you know, the online visitors do not have the whole day to browse through your website. Thus, if you want them to spend more time on it, you must simplify the navigation process by enhancing conventionality.

For instance, instead of the visitors having to click the back button to return to the homepage, you can make your logo clickable for this purpose. Also, you should ensure that the links on your page change their color when the visitor hovers them. Other aspects include your cart location and contact detail.

Final Thoughts

In whole, enhancing your e-commerce web design by following the above practices can boost your site traffic. Hence, you need to ensure consistency on your site. Also, you should know of its navigability and conventionality. 

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